You are special.

You are flying in a multimillion-dollar machine doing a job that very few other people understand, let alone get to do. You are doing unique and sometimes extreme work. You aren't stuck in a cubicle. Others who are, look up to you.

Live up to their expectations.

Crew are part of a complex system. Individual failures have to line up. Are you part of the accident chain?

Why Crew don't crew - fear, indifference, ignorance.

What do you do to keep that from happening to you? To others?

Crew ask questions, express feelings, submit suggestions and are open and receptive to others who do.

Being Crew is the opposite of zero sum gain. It is Positive Sum Gain. Expedition behaviour is that which puts the success of the mission ahead of personal gain. What kind of ethic do you have when you crew?

The more complex the operations the more Crew are needed to accept the inevitability of error. Recognizing that an error will happen Crew have to be prepared to manage the consequences.

Safety measurement has to be positive- what have we done well to prevent the near hits from becoming accidents. Action not avoidance - proactive not reactive. Risk management detects oncoming threats focus on targets.

Safety = dynamic non-event - can't save up safety.

Safety Culture = sustained wariness.

Safety is a shared responsibility. All Crew play a part.

Where do you get the energy from to do all this?  - teamwork from your crew members. There are few things that make you feel better than a job well done with a good crew.