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Mike Kelso

North Shore Rescue

Helicopter Awareness Training Course

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Preflight Briefing Points

A PDF that guides you through items that should be addressed every time you go flying. Plan to plan.


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High Visibility Crew Flag


Be Seen!

Made of fluorescent orange rip stop nylon, this flag is excellent for signaling the helicopter at distances of up to 5 miles. Held up as the pilot circles the crew, it indicates both the strength and direction of the wind - a critical piece of safety information. (Note: Fluorescence uses ultra violet light and therefore will not show up on a computer screen.)

Folds up into a 6" x 6" pouch the HVCF (approx 1m x 1.5m) can also be used as shelter from the elements.

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Helicopter Crew Ball Cap


Stylish Helicopter Crew ball cap - the HAT hat!

One size fits all

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Helicopter Awareness Training Handbook

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