"The course is so valuable for crews working with helicopters, but the only companies that would even think of spending money on this course are forward thinking and open minded. How many companies out there are like that? "

Yvonne Thornton
Northwest Avalanche Solutions Ltd.

Helicopter Awareness Training


Helicopter Passenger Essentials Online

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"This course is for the first timer all the way to long time users."

Rich Forget, Air Operations Branch Director, NW Fire Center, Wildfire Management Branch, BCFS


"Extremely thought provoking, engaging and fun course. An innovative, clever approach to delivering an extremely important subject"

Mike Kelso

North Shore Rescue

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Helicopter Awareness Training Course

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Preflight Briefing Points

A PDF that guides you through items that should be addressed every time you go flying. Plan to plan.


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High Visibility Crew Flag


Be Seen!

Made of fluorescent orange rip stop nylon, this flag is excellent for signaling the helicopter at distances of up to 5 miles. Held up as the pilot circles the crew, it indicates both the strength and direction of the wind - a critical piece of safety information. (Note: Fluorescence uses ultra violet light and therefore will not show up on a computer screen.)

Folds up into a 6" x 6" pouch the HVCF (approx 1m x 1.5m) can also be used as shelter from the elements.

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Helicopter Crew Ball Cap

Stylish Helicopter Crew ball cap - the HAT hat!

One size fits all

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Helicopter Awareness Training Handbook

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Crew always work together - it is in everyone's interest

Even if you are a sightseeing passenger

Highly engineered blades for heavy lift

If you can't see, you can't go.

If the pilot is long lining his attention is focused on that. You as crew can help with the awareness of everything else (like other aircraft, trees, weather, wires, etc)

Tesla electric one blade helicopter

Training is serious business

It is not a joke to say the mantra "lives are at stake" - you will live with the decisions you make for the rest of your life.

Sometimes it is more efficient to be on the ground to make a new plan

Remember - life is fun!

Even though the pilot can see, the crew uses hand signals to direct him.

How clean is your helipad? Hip Chain used by surveyors could bring down a helicopter.

You aren't going to see this even if you are paying attention - stay away from the tail.

Finding a landing spot sometimes takes creativity

Professional use hearing defenders to not only protect their hearing but more importantly, their thinking.

Notice the pros walk close to the helicopter, even when it is shut down, staying away from the rotor tip hazard.

Even a slight uphill can put the tail rotor away from hazards or deep into them.

A pro stays put while the machine takes off - this ain't the army. No one is shooting at you.

Sometimes the best fuel tank is on the outside - helicopters are pretty much always limited by weight.

If you can see the stripes, you are in mortal danger