Helicopter Awareness Training

"I would recommend this course for anyone working with helicopters in any capacity."

Joshua S. Poole, Talon Helicopters

“We will not solve the problems of today with the level of thinking that created them.” –Albert Einstein

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Participants of the course are asked to contribute to a WCID
(What Can I Do) board
. Here are some of their ideas...

- Listen to instructions.
- Reduce the size of the bottom of Heinrich's pyramid.
- Discuss nature of work and flight plan before departure.
- Help navigate.
- Discuss past experience as crew with the pilot.
- Indicate wind direction.
- Don't be complacent - communicate with the pilot.
- Do not distract the pilot.
- Don't judge the pilot's flying.
- Know where you are on a map.
- Close the door.
- Put seatbelt on properly.
- Don't touch the pilot.
- Close seatbelts when leaving.
- Stay in group when exiting.
- Exit downslope.
- Drag / keep equipment low.
- Remove hat.
- Make eye contact with the pilot.

Click to this website (pprune.org/rotorheads) for helicopter photos from around the world

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