Helicopter Awareness Training

Safety and Efficiency for Helicopter Passengers

Accomplish safer flight using the principles of Helicopter Awareness Training.
Helicopter Passenger Essentials Online


This is a new, one-day (8 hour) classroom course that turns passengers into professionals.

"I would highly recommend this course for companies that have employees who use helicopters for their work process."

Andrew Simpson

Air Operations Director

BC Hydro

Enjoy the helicopter experience.
Added safety for all who fly.
Easy savings in helicopter costs.
Know you have the right tools to use the helicopter.
Increase the due diligence in your enterprise.
Help the pilot not make that final mistake.
Reinforce team building in your crews.
  Lead your industry with best practices.

I wish someone had told me most of this long ago so I wouldn’t have had to learn it all in the school of hard knocks."

Hatha Callis,

ACMG Ski Guide, 

Skeena Valley Expeditions

Learn the secrets of the pros.

The program provides an introduction to the skills necessary to use the helicopter in a safer, more efficient manner focusing on the fact that the passenger is a crew member and therefore makes important contributions to a safe and successful flight.

Helicopter Awareness Training (HAT) goes beyond the present method of incomplete planning, two-minute briefings and education at the school of hard knocks.


What is the cost of not being proactive?

It's what you learn after you know it all that counts.

-Harry S. Truman

HAT teaches passengers to become engaged crew who communicate to maintain safety, be efficient and fight complacency.


The course outcome is a reduction of helicopter flight time costs and increased safety.

For example, if you reduce helicopter flight time by a single hour because your crew is aware of loading limitations, fuel restrictions and landing protocols -

the course is paid for.

The value of reassurance knowing that your crew has been given the tools to help complete their helicopter based project and return to base safely - priceless.

"Education costs money, but so does ignorance." - Sir Claude Moser

What could happen? What can you do about it?

Click here for a revealing 3 minute video.

"Note: The majority of aviation accidents and incidents are due to resource management failures by the pilot/crew; fewer are due to technical failures." Transport Canada

Course Outline and Instructional Design


You will learn about lizards and tigers, understand the new language of CCC, VSP and CU, recognize a schmoe, play with a ball and watch a balloon. You will be engaged and learn how to be an effective member of the team.


Developed over eight years, the multi unit syllabus focusing on crew, communication and complacency includes the following subjects -Introduction to helicopters, flight parameters and limitations, regulations, logistics, costs, external loads, psychology & physiology, safety and survival, etiquette around the helicopter, pilot interaction, decision making, and high risk flight.


"Well delivered course valuable content that will span multiple industries related to and involving helicopter flight."

Mark MacNeil                                                                 Geotech Drilling

There are four critical elements of learning that must be addressed to ensure that participants learn. These elements are motivation, reinforcement, retention and transference.

To achieve the four elements, the HAT course incorporates multiple approaches and methods developed to keep the learner engaged and involved. HAT uses Modified Delphi techniques, demonstrations, video, knowledge checks and class participation. HAT defines itself by inclusion of all learning types and acknowledging the wealth of experiences that participants bring to the classroom.

The course has been designed to keep the participants active and engaged with a variety of media and activities. All who complete the course receive a numbered certificate of participation and a course review reference book.


Accomplish safer high risk flight using the principles of HAT.

"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth."
Mike Tyson


  Tony Walker is a 13,000-hour accident free commercial helicopter pilot whose work has taken him across western Canada, the Arctic and into the Middle East.


Tony has 25 years of flying experience in coastal and mountainous terrain working aerial construction, fire fighting, heliskiing and more.

He holds a BCIT diploma in Aircraft Maintenance, the Provincial Instructor Diploma from VCC, is an Associate HFACS Professional and has presented at the CHC Safety and Quality Summit.
Tony delivers the HAT course through Advanced Crew Solutions Inc., a company dedicated to providing a new way of thinking to forward looking organizations.


Course Booking


Class size is up to 20 students per course given at the client's chosen location.

For further information or to schedule a course please contact

Tony Walker


Graduate Comments

"Professional and engaging."

Tim Jones

North Shore Rescue

"I've been working professionally with helicopters for over 20 years. This course provides a great detailed overview of how to plan and use a helicopter. This course is for the first timer all the way to long time users."


Rich Forget

Air Operations Branch Director

NW Fire Center, Wildfire Management Branch,



"The course exposes participants to operational best practices that enhance safety and save money.  Fast paced, entertaining and thoughtfully designed, this course helps turn passengers into crew members that make a tangible contribution to the safety of every flight.  If your company uses helicopters I recommend this course for you and your employees."
Clair Israelson
Operations Manager
Northern Escape Heli-Skiing 

"I took the Helicopter Awareness Training course and would certainly recommend it for companies and their employees who use helicopters for any type of job.  While I am no expert, I have flown about 400 hours in the co-pilot seat in the mountains of BC in the winter.  I picked up many usable “Gold Niblettes” that will help make my company’s operations more safe and efficient and I wish someone had told me most of this long ago so I wouldn’t have had to learn it all in the school of hard knocks."


Hatha Callis

ACMG Ski Guide,

Skeena Valley Expeditions


"Good mix between technical and practical. Good refresher."


Chris Spangl


Love it! Team builder, confidence.

Roxanne Quock

Dease Lake, BC


"Working in the north, helicopters are a common practice and one of the more high risk activities we undertake and as employers, we are obliged to take all reasonable safety measures to ensure the safe transit of our workers.  HAT not only expanded upon our fundamental skills, but also provided an important understanding of the pilot and passenger relationship."


Shawn Giesbrecht

Operations Manager

Triton Environmental Consultants

"Extremely thought provoking, engaging and fun course. An innovative, clever approach to delivering an extremely important subject"

Mike Kelso

North Shore Rescue

"Well presented course, enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor with a mix of good practical wisdom and stories"

Scott Stewart

Metro Vancouver Watershed Management Division

"I took Tony's course with representatives from three of our main clients. As a helicopter pilot participating, I found it to be an excellent tool to facilitate an open forum between client and operator and expand on best practices of safety in a classroom environment. I would recommend this course for anyone working with helicopters in any capacity."

Joshua S. Poole
Talon Helicopters

For further information please contact

Tony Walker