CRM & Utility Wire Training

Sometimes knowing the HAT course fundamentals, of being a helicopter crew and understanding limitations, is not enough.

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Are you working with professionals who know what to look for and what to do to prevent accidents around wires?

Join Tony Walker as he engages you in an informative and valuable course in CRM (Crew Resource Management) and the crew responsibilities regarding flight and wires.

A 25 year, 13,000 hour accident and incident free utility pilot and trained instructor, Tony brings his experience to the classroom, providing the pilot's viewpoint and valuable instruction into the skills needed to be proactive and preventative while flying near wires.

It is not only utility pilots and linemen that fly near wires but in fact, all helicopter flights are subject to this hazard.

Like Schrödinger's cat, wires are both there and not there until the crew proves the existence or non-existence of them.

Once it is determined the wires are there, the crew must work as a team to ensure the hazard remains in focus and avoided.

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Sounds easy. Why would anyone hit a wire? Especially if they knew it was there? That is a recurring question after wire strikes. Many pilots who have hit wires were working on the line they struck. Why did they forget about it? What can be done?

A well trained crew, including the pilot and all who fly, using the skills of Crew Resource Management and the knowledge of wire recognition and avoidance, can mitigate this hazard leading to safer flight.

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The photos on this page are of Tony Walker flying utility crews in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, Canada

Looking forward to seeing you.

Helicopter Live Wire Maintenance Video